Google Tools for Your Note and Real Estate Business

Google Sheets to Analyze your note and real estate deals

Google sheets is great free replacement for Microsoft Excel and Integrates nicely with other Google Tools. You can easily create simple spreads to track your notes, your leads or even create more complex google sheets to calculate Amortization schedules for your Notes and Mortgages. Google Sheets (FREE Excel)

Google Docs for your Note & Real Estate business paperwork

Google docs is great free resource that can used for all your real estate and note paperwork, it has all the features and functions of Microsoft word, that many people are already familiar with,. It great for creating and storing templates for promissory notes,mortgage and Trust Deeds. You can find Google Docs (Just Like MS Word but FREE)

Google Slides – For presentations to homeowners or investors

Google Slide (Similar Microsoft Powerpoint)

Google Forms – To capture leads on your website

Google Forms

Google Keep – To Keep you Organized

Google Drive – To Store all your documents

Google Drive

Google Voice – Free Voicemail and a call tracking number

Google Voice

Google Calendar – To Organize your time

Google Calendar

Google Translate – If you need to translate your documents

Google Translate

Google My Business to help people find you in your local market

Google My Business

Google Sites – A Free Website

Google Sites

Blogger – Another Free Website


Google Adwords

Google Keyword Planner

Google Analytics to see how many people are coming to your website and where they come from.

Google Analytics

Google Data Studio – Analyze and Visualize your analytics data

Google Data Studio

Google Search Console to find out if your website is functioning correctly

Google Search Console

Google Tag Manager to insert the google analytics and other tracking code on your website

Google Tag Manager

Google Books some amazing free education on many topics

Google Books

You Tube (Owned By Google) – Maybe the best way to start generating leads online in your local market.

You Tube

Google Mail – A really good free email service

Google Mail


















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