Brokering and Investing in Promissory Notes

Local Directories

Local Directories for Note Broker & Investors

Local directories might not be the place to generate leads but they are important for your business for other reasons: Online local directories should as yelp,white pages etc help google identify your website and business as a business. You should at least add your business to Yelp and Google my business. Another great place to add your business is to the Local BBB and Chamber of commerce as these are highly trusted websites and consumers and note sellers will look at these sites when decking if they should do business with you.

Local Directories
Local Directories

Suggested Local Directories and Sites

  1. Google My Business
  2. Yelp
  3. Facebook Business Page
  4. Local BBB
  5. Local Chamber of Commerce
  6. White Pages
  7. Yellow Pages

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