Brokering and Investing in Promissory Notes

Press Releases for Note Brokers

Using Press Releases in your Note Business

There are several good reasons to use Press Release in your Note Brokering and Investing business. They are great to help build your brand as a well written press release can be syndicated to many well respected news outlets, radio stations websites and TV station websites. The use of press releases can help with both your local seo and national seo efforts as you will get lots of useful links back from 100’s of great websites.

Some ideas for Press Release Topics for your Note Business Might Include.


  1. Launching a new website for your note business
    • XYZ Note Investment Company Launches new website to better server real estate note sellers
  2. Updating your note business website
    • XYZ Note Investment Company adds new fast Note Quotation System to websit
  3. Reaching a certain milestone in your note business
    • San Diego’s Leading Note Investing Company XYZ Firm Marks 25 Anniversary
  4. Announcing new buying guidelines for your note business
    • XYZ Note Company now buying notes in all 50 USA State
  5. Announcing the hiring of a member of staff
    • XYZ Note Company hires new note appraisal expert
  6. Hosting a note selling webinar or event
    • XYZ Note Company Holds Webinar for Note Holders wanting to sell there note
  7. Announcing a scholarship or Internship
    • XYZ Note Company offers University Scholarship for Local San Diegans
  8. Speaking and an Event or Conference
    • Simon, CEO of XYZ Note Company speaking at ABC Conference
  9. Exhibiting at a Trade show
  10. Providing Pro Bono Note Consulting
  11. Announcing Unique buying criteria in your note Business
  12. New credential of your company or staff members
  13. New company location
  14. Company Anniversary
  15. Interesting Trends in the Note Business
  16. Helpful Tips about selling notes
  17. Making a charitable donation
  18. Involvement with Charity work

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