Brokering and Investing in Promissory Notes

Video Marketing for Note Brokers and Investors

Video Marketing for Note Brokers and Investors

There is a wealth of data showing that video marketing is one of the best and most efficient tools to reach existing and future customers. These tactics can easily be used for note brokers.

Using videos to promote and market your brand, products and services provides your Note business with a versatile, practical and engaging environment to attract your target audience. Videos promote brand awareness, increase engagement, build trust, humanize your brands, improve your online presence and increase business revenue. If you haven't used video marketing to boost your corporate income, now is the time to start. Video can be inexpensive and easy to produce, it's a great way to generate sales in a short time and in an easy-to-use format like a YouTube video.

With the right strategy, video marketing for note businesses can have a positive and lasting impact on your business. Try it out, see what happens, and help increase the turnover of your businesses. From a B2C or B 2B perspective, it's about answering questions, providing information, forging relationships and making people trust you.

What Type of Video Could a Note Broker Produce

Answer Questions:

Why do you discount notes?

What paperwork is required to sell my note?

Why should I do business with you (Build Trust)

Simple Tools to create Videos


  1. Animoto is a very popular
  2. Powtoons is great to create Animated Style Videos
  3. Vdinami is a tool we like a lot and is quite cheap and effective

Ultimately, this means that if you do use video, you could leave your competitors far behind. 

It is estimated that people spend more minutes watching videos every day than ever before, leading more advertisers to invest in online video ads to increase engagement. It is becoming increasingly clear that video content behaves itself, whether in the form of social media posts, YouTube videos or even video advertising. Video has always been used by companies in one way or another, but now video and video marketing has become a necessity for modern companies.

With a little effort, you can create a video that is highly divisible and invites people to respond in the comments and share it on social media.

Using text to explain the products and services your business offers works, but using video is also a great place for video marketing content. When you talk about your product, your service, your business, or even just your private life, the conversation tends to create a beeline for YouTube. 

Using video for marketing becomes much more effective when your prospects take you down a well-defined content marketing funnel. By implementing video, you can generate more revenue through your content strategy. Video marketers achieved a 54% increase in brand awareness and received an average of 1.5 million more views per month on their videos.

By creating positive impressions of your target audience, you can create more awareness of your product or service through your video content and generate more revenue through advertising.

Without this awareness, it is impossible to gain trust, and if people are more likely to view and remember your message in a video format than they are to read a blog post or view a static image, you want to make sure that you enable your company or brand to reach your target audience. I hope you are as excited as I am that video is critical to your marketing strategy.

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