Brokering and Investing in Promissory Notes

Note Broker Websites

A website is an essential component for any successful note broker. There are many cheap ways to build websites but they generally do not perform well.

How To Create Note Broker Websites

A modern note broker website must have the following elements to be successful in 2019-2020.

  1. The Note Buyers site needs to look good on mobile phones.
  2. The Note Broker Website needs to load in less than 2 seconds.
  3. The site should have SSL Certificate

Required Content for Note Broker Websites

  • A good broker website should have a great homepage that identifies what types of notes they buy.
  • About Us Page, people need to be able to trust the note broker, explain why they should do business with you on the about page.
  • Privacy Policy – The is a very important page that many website forget to include. A privacy page is required if the website is going to use Google Ads to drive leads.
  • Contact Us page, website visitors need a way to be able to contact you with questions about notes.
  • A Note Quote Page with a form, a Note Broker Website should be able to request information about the promissory note a seller wants to sell

Google E.A.T Requirements for Note Broker Websites

In google quality rates guide the talk about a good website having Expertise, Authority and Expertise. These are requirements for Google to rank a website in the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Here are a few items you need to include on your website to help with E.A.T compliance.

Things we can easily add to note broker websites

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms of Service Page
  3. About Us Page
  4. Customer Service Page
  5. Contact Details page / Contact Form
  6. Copyright Notice
  7. Business Address
  8. https (SSL)
  9. Twitter Description
  10. Meet The Team
  11. Phone number on site
  12. Email on site
  13. Does the site have a blog
  14. Internal Links
  15. Awards Won Links
  16. JSON-LD Schema
    1. Person Schema
    2. Social Media Links
    3. Organization Schema
    4. Review Schema
    5. Article or Blog Schema
  17. Authority Outbound Links
    1. .edu
    2. .gov
  18. Link to relevant entities on Wikipedia
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