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Note Brokering Introduction

Note Brokering

What Does it Take to Become a Successful Note Broker?

The Growth of Private Mortgage Notes

Working with Note Buyers

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Note Investing & Brokering Articles

34 Ways to Improve a Note

So you decided to get into the note investing game via buying non performing notes or performing notes. Now let us look at 34 ways you can improve a note. Improve Your Promissory Note - Early Payoff 1. Early Payoff Many times a note is paid off in full in advance of...

How To Understand the Appraisal Report

What is an appraisal? It is an opinion of value or the act or process of estimating value. The majority of real estate appraisals are used to establish the value of the collateral property for loan purposes. Appraisals are also used by insurance companies to determine...

The Foreclosure Process

When all other collection efforts have failed and it is determined that the borrower will not repay his debt voluntarily, the only course left is to institute proceedings against the security real estate to satisfy the debt. The procedure is called foreclosure. A...

Fractionalized Trust Deeds

Sale of Series of Notes or Undivided Interest In A Note Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code § 10229, private investors may purchase undivided interests in single notes secured by the same property. Referred to in the industry as multi-lender...