Note Investing Styles

What Types of Notes Can be bought as Investments?

  1. Real Estate Notes
  2. Mortgage Notes
  3. Non Performing Notes
  4. Business Notes
  5. Land Notes
  6. Car Notes
  7. Boat Notes

Real Estate Note Investing

Real Estate Notes are the most popular types of notes for Investors to Invest in.

So you decided to get into the note investing game via buying…

Mortgage Note Investing

A Note if the promise to pay and a mortgage is the security Instrument that secures the ‘Note' to a piece of collateral. Many people combine the two terms together and call the comobation of mortgage and note a ‘Mortgage Note'.

7 Ways To Purchase The Whole Note Lump sum full purchase Full…

Non Performing Notes

This form on note Investing became popular after the real estate crash of

The real question is “why not?” Will hard money trust deed investments…
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