23 Ways To Buy A Note

7 Ways To Purchase The Whole Note

  1. Lump sum full purchase
  2. Full price split purchase
  3. Balance back
  4. Guaranteed full price split
  5. Any of the above with restructure
  6. Installment note purchase
  7. Buy with cash and another note

6 Way to Buy Partials

  1. Buy a number of front end payments
  2. Buy remaining back end payments
  3. Buy part of each payment (on front or back)
  4. Buy all of some payments then part of other payments
  6. Pass through partial

8 Way to Buy Notes with Balloons

  1. Buy total note including balloon
  2. Buy the payments, seller keeps the balloon
  3. Buy the remaining payments and keep part of the balloon
  4. Buy part of each payment, and part of the balloon
  5. Buy part of each payment, and all of the balloon
  6. Buy only a certain number of payments, seller keeps the rest and the balloon
  7. Split fund the balloon (pay for the balloon if it pays)
  8. Buy only the balloon (VERY RISKY)
  9. Buy a wrap on cash flow
  10. Unwrap a wrap
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