Types of Notes That can be Brokered

Brokering Annuities

Understanding Annuities: A Comprehensive Guide Have you ever heard of an annuity? It’s a financial product that can leave even the most financially savvy individuals scratching their heads in confusion. Annuities, sold by insurance companies or brokers, provide regular payments to an individual over a set period of time and are often used as part

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Lottery Winnings

Understanding Lottery Winnings: A Comprehensive Guide When one is lucky enough to hit the jackpot, it becomes a crucial task to unravel the labyrinthine options for receiving the bounty. The conundrum boils down to opting either for an alluring lump sum payment or electing for payments over time in the form of an annuity. It’s

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Structured Settlements

Understanding Structured Settlements and How They Work Have you heard of structured settlements? They’re a perplexing financial arrangement that can provide periodic payments to an individual who has received compensation for damages or injuries. It’s quite the bursty concept, but hear me out: this type of settlement can actually benefit both the plaintiff and defendant

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